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The new critical pin 137 inflatable plastic windproof lighters wholesale price of disposable lighters manufacturer advertising lighters suppliers

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

the new critical pin inflatable plastic windproof lighters ads lighters suppliers wholesale price of disposable lighters manufacturers direct selling wholesale supply special gas lighters - throughout the country Kg kilograms minimum - butane gas yuan - - The country all can be door-to-door, 【 The lighter parts 】 。 Yuan set set minimum - - The country all can be door-to-door delivery' No crack, no smell, no impurities, high rate of fire! 】 Product appearance: gas contains: p. % : air pressure. - 。 Product packaging: tank lorry, bottled, product packaging, bottle size specifications: KGKGKGKG bottled price: tanker loading: yuan of tons of bottled: a bottle price KG bottles of yuan, Gas out of empty bottles can back) Yuan (KG bottle Gas out of empty bottles can back) Yuan (KG bottle Gas out of empty bottles can back) Yuan (KG bottle Gas out of empty bottles can back) Note: butane gas exhausted air bottles of our company are recycled at full price! Undertake custom make all kinds of exquisite advertising machine, hotels, supermarkets, wineries, and Internet cafes, hotels and other various industries need of advertising can be customized, the city's lowest price, timely delivery. Invites all provinces, city, county, town agent to join the Suspend the device 】 the deposit ( This money can be refunded) Yuan' Provided free of charge) Special butane gas lighters kilograms, aeration equipment, assembly tools, woolly, printing equipment ( Oily ink cartridges) The paper, technique teaching CD, printing technology, learning assembly maintenance and operating technology. 【 Provided free of charge) My company's trademark, honorary certificate, authorization and other related documents' Return the condition 】 , the total production of the products, to return all the deposit equipment. Three promises: one, joining households can be unconditional credit lighter parts in our factory, for you to sell the products again after the payment, really let you zero risk to make money, to start production without customer sales capacity may assist sales products ( Underwriting price each for processing. - 。 Yuan) To ensure a successful cooperation. Second, every partner with my unit, can be signed with the factory product purchase and sale contract for a long time, urban products, our factory door-to-door recovery will be cash settlement, no default; Can also be in the local self-marketing. Three, humanized exit mechanism, join the family for half a year without profit, can apply for refund the payment for goods. Four lighters production assembly equipment ( Three years warranty for free) Wenzhou's macro chemical co. , LTD. Is a lighter parts and special gas lighters Butane gas supply, lighter assembly equipment of professional manufacturers, to undertake a variety of customized advertising lighters, and for the lighter processing factory of new and old customers to provide free technical services, 'the door the operation guide'. Long-term with a large number of spot inventory, equipped with a team of professional transport team, equipped with [ T - Tons of] Oil and gas filling and car, by the high quality service. Welcome new and old customers to come to ordering, credibility first, quality first, quantity the first! Package delivery!
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