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The new flash instantaneous blasting dizzy king electric batons - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
My company's new self-defense electric batons of the length is a super power electric batons, electric batons adopts ac type electric shocks, super strong power, strong penetrating power, small voice. Electric stick product introduction: 1, voltage: 38 million v 2, function: shock, light illumination ( Range of 200 - meter) 3, the light bulb: inflatable bulb, lighting time is more than 15 hours 4, life: more than 50000 hours, shock distance: 2 cm thick clothes 6 can penetrate, charging: 12 hours 7, size: 26 * 3. 3 * 3. 6 cm, 8 parts: dedicated charger, cloth, exposure time: it is strongly recommended that the contact time is less than 1 second, product weight: 300 grams of 11, full of electricity can shock over 200 electric batons use method 1, electric batons press red and black lock can open an account light illumination, another key is to high voltage electric shock a key; 2, discharge, before charging or charging and may damage the battery. 3, electric batons charging 5 hours is most appropriate, a word to & other; Full of empty & throughout; , which means that 939 battery is low in both groups, recharging, and is a full of, otherwise not only filled into electricity is not easy to damage the battery. Electric shock stick special statement 1 and not to the wool, silk and other flammable objects using 2, 3 cannot be used for children and the elderly, not used for illegal activity 4, can not take others whether to test should pay attention to when using excessive defense in June and cannot carry also had better not to take the train by plane in July and can be shipped by mail use electric stick the note 1, electric batons, fully electric shock from the arc flame is very thick, if you find the current sound is very weak, lamp light only for a moment or not bright or not enough brightness, and electric arc also can't afford to play, the deficiency of 939 electric batons, 2, ac type electric batons structure is very special, a lot of where it is needed while charging, must first put the electric charge again. And there are two battery packs, electric, is a group for lighting and electrical power supply, another group is as the red lights, need to put the two groups before charging the battery discharge. 4, discharge the battery in the electric shock group can open lighting, wait until the light is very dark can charge, need not again after filling, because it is easy to cause a put. 5, red lighting lighting discharge, is that a group is the same as the above, do not need to put at all because it is easy to cause a put. The electric adopts ac type electric shocks, is the only existing national ac type bolt, it is the best of the effect of ac type electric stick in self-defense, it actually use light bulbs, locking, super bright lighting, in the long form the largest force in the defibrillator, self-defense preferred car and home. Self-defense charging electric batons generally connected to the charger to charge 5 hours to go, this is the most suitable time, had better not exceed 8 hours.
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