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The position of the UV sensor installation

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Flame detector is widely used in coal-fired power plant operation, main effect is to test the flame, in order to better control the flame. But at the time of flame detector installed but often there is some need to pay attention to. Flame detector view is determined by the position of the probe, so if you want to ensure good vision to choose a good location. Flame detector probe position mainly to ensure that the two things: one is the view to the right, the other is a probe to facilitate installation and maintenance. How to ensure the location of the probe field? 1, probe Angle should be as full of flame; 2, probe Angle of targets within a range of the flame should be stable, change the air volume and adjust the combustion does not cause target flame from the Angle of view scope; 3, any within the scope of view hinder detection of objects, such as: furnace wall, water pipe, steel plate should be modified, but all the changes should minimize the impact on air; 4, perspective should try to avoid crossing with other flame; Flame detection device at the time of installation if you want to guarantee good vision, then choose a suitable probe position, so as to better flame detector, better flame detection.
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