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The related parameters and main performance index of the transformer

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
The performance of the transformer is determined by what? What determines the performance of transformer? The transformer iron core or coil? The function of the transformer is ac voltage, current and impedance change of the device. The main components are: core, coil, winding, etc. Transformer parameters: 1 work frequency transformer core loss and frequency relation is very big, so should be used according to the frequency to design and use of the frequency according to the working frequency. 2 power rating, under the prescribed frequency and voltage transformer can work for a long time, but not in excess of the prescribed temperature rise of output power. 3 refers to the rated voltage transformer coil is allowed on the applied voltage, work shall not be greater than the specified value. Than 4 voltage transformer primary voltage and the ratio of secondary voltage and no-load voltage ratio and the load voltage ratio of the difference. IMG_8340 copy 5 no-load current transformer secondary open-circuit, primary still has certain current, this part of the current called the no-load current. No-load current from magnetizing current ( Produce magnetic flux) And the iron loss current ( Caused by core loss) Composition. For 50 hz power supply transformer no-load current basically equal to the magnetizing current. 6 no-load loss: refers to the transformer secondary open-circuit, measured in primary power loss. The main loss is iron core loss, followed by the no-load current produced in the primary coil copper resistance loss ( Copper loss) , this part of the loss is very small. 7 efficiency refers to the secondary power P2 and P1 ratio is the percentage of primary power. Usually transformer rated power is larger, the higher the efficiency. 8 said transformer insulation resistance between the coil, the coil and iron core insulation performance. The discretion of the insulation resistance and insulating materials used by performance, degree of temperature and humidity. Second, the audio frequency response and high frequency transformer parameters 1 refers to the transformer secondary characteristics of the output voltage change with working frequency. If the transformer in the middle frequency passband output voltage U0, when the output voltage ( The input voltage remains unchanged) Drop to zero. 707 u0 frequency range, known as the passband of transformer B. 3, at the beginning of the primary and secondary access appropriate secondary impedance transformer impedance Ro and Ri, make the primary and secondary impedance matching transformer, Ro and the ratio of Ri called early, secondary impedance ratio. In the case of impedance matching, transformer work in the best condition, the highest transfer efficiency.
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