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The riots spread pepper spray and stun guns on amazon seller list - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Beijing time 2 news, electric batons, according to the financial media, CNBC reported as the black man was killed by the police triggered unrest continues to spread, pepper spray, t-shirts with slogans against racial discrimination, as well as education books about racial justice on the website's best-selling items list. Pepper spray in sports and outdoor products become the best-selling products, taser stun guns in the 44th. More violent protests in the United States, it shows that, under the condition of consumer is buying items of self-defence. In the category of new clothing, with 'I can't breathe' slogan of two t-shirts on the top ten best-selling goods. With 'black life and fate' T-shirt on the seller's ranking from last Friday to 60, 1000. According to amazon's website, the company's best-selling goods list is calculated according to the sales. Amazon updated ranking per hour, 'to reflect ( The product) And recent sales history '. Huge amounts of information, accurate interpretation, in sina finance APP
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