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The secrets of the high copy sales of luxury goods

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

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white-collar Grace was fascinated, also learned must be drawn. Early a few years ago, walk in, see all kinds of people with various style of luxury brands, Grace will see about that 'this LV bag a see be false, the LOGO is upside down. '' this Gucci bag fake too wide of the mark, counters hadn't been this color! '
but today, Grace did not dare to casual comments on again. Luxury hidden
'the market' popular, and some vendors sell original or online marketing cheap knock-off luxury goods, than a high imitation luxury proprietors seem, even professionals, is often difficult to distinguish between 'li' or 'copycats.
the price of high quality goods about % of fake luxury goods, because can meet certain people heart, strong demand.
but high imitation luxury sales channels are mysterious, often through WeChat, weibo marketing, stores usually hidden in the high-grade residential district, for the most part, only do regular customer.
to spend twenty thousand yuan to buy the high imitation Hermes Birkin for high-grade casinos often need to change package
Ye Ge ( Not his real name) Is a company, office clerk just spend at work. Ten thousand yuan to buy an authentic LV bag. But due to limited income, after never buy designer bags. Ye Ge also considered buying fake fake bags, but very afraid of make people see out, instead.
the end of last year, Ye Ge listen to friends, now a very popular than high copy famous brand bags, whether it's shape, pattern, color, to work and are linked to the real thing is almost the same, but the price is only about % of the real thing. Under the referral of a friend, she spends yuan bought a 10 times higher than that of original chanel high copy package. Initially, Ye Ge backpack go out a little feeling, always afraid of being seen, but after harvest countless praise is no doubt, Ye Ge becomes more and more confident and once even carrying high copy package into the quality goods store turned a circle, found that even the clerk didn't see clue, Ye Ge excited, then off, have bought several high copy package.
Ye Ge said, a family of good female friend, hand has several high copy package, every price in the tens of thousands of yuan, such as Hermes Birkin handbags, counters selling price as high as ten yuan, but a friend of the high copy package as long as twenty thousand yuan.
'are still a little can't accept, I started to play yuan also calculate, spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a fake bag, is worth? '
for Ye Ge question, friend explained: they have a circle, there are some people who pay attention to the quality of life, often move back and forth in the upscale place, also need to be kept in the package, and bag is one hundred thousand yuan, if carrying a a $twenty thousand package, more than the somebody else is not willing to take a reason. But often buy package cost is not small, so a lot of people will buy some high copy the big bag, and mix with quality goods package, not only can into the network, also save a lot of spending.
Chanel, Gucci, LV, kadeya's high copy bags, watches, jewelry, shoes put a house
journalists quizzed buy high imitation bag lady, know to high imitation luxury sales channel is mysterious, often through WeChat, weibo marketing, for the most part and only do regular customer.
introduced by one of the objects, through WeChat reached a seller blue. Seller blue sex is very high, a few times to send WeChat join requests are not through, until the reporter quoted the name of the contact, to pass validation.
the seller blue, according to their own high copy products from zhuhai factory stock, a high-grade in binjiang district have a entity shop, we can see the goods.
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