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The similarity of the flame detector

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Using flame detector for industrial kiln detection usually, but in front of the different detection object, appearance, quality, and principle of flame detector is also differ in thousands ways, but no matter which kinds of flame detector, they are to keep the unity on the function. Were first point is to detect whether there is the existence of the flame, some people think that the flame detector is redundant, actually otherwise, in the face of many large combustion equipment, we couldn't have chosen to open its equipment to detect has no flame, of course, this also is very not safe, so we will use the ignition flame detector to replace human eyes monitoring, convenient operation and information transmission is fast. Second is to detect flame temperature, each flame detector has special heat system, can effectively identify the temperature of flame, which allows people to better control the supply of fuel. Finally is it for testing chamber pressure, especially in the open, if you don't understand Mao Rao open air pressure, it could cause unpredictable accidents. These three points is all the igniter in common. Flame detector is an essential part of the whole industrial burning system. Professional research and development and production of various kinds of flame detector and electronic ignition device.
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