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by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Lol electric batons, real name HouGuoYu, game id: otto, alias solid rod, gigi king, former hero league pro, bettas lol anchor; Electric batons were YG fleet units, after the transformation into a single, in one hand and carry full, ai the California electricity strongest king grade 1. In the career of YG, electric batons had led the YG two into and out of the LPL, in LPL road is bumpy, LPL is career highlights during summer in 2014, in the case of into the playoff defeat WE, EDG, OMG this three veteran teams, sentiment peaked; Otto has also played in YG, iG, SAT LPL team, play hard, like waves, dare to dare to show, often kill the tower, in an interview said he actually very healthy, from now on be netizen named 'stick'. Retired electric stick as a business host, a live entertainment 'gigi king'. Razor thin, and has blond hair, should be like a golden monkey. There was a time of bears, hit a monkey KING named gigi in animation, its image and character and electric batons are similar, so water friends give him up a KING 'gigi' nickname, hereinafter referred to as 'the KING', besides he has such as 'domestic jade mountain', 'KING' the life of a, 'mobile defense tower', and many other nickname. Electric batons mouth smelly is one of the most severe, temper too strong-willed people to unscrupulous in air spray, spray a word not just fans and teammates, and a spray, is endless. Also in the professional field (hi, reviews up properly. On August 10, 2019, V5 team official officer xuan otto as LPL divisions in a single, this also means that the electric batons again returned to the stage of LPL. Professional player on his evaluation on line electric batons, I only dare to Nebuchadnezzar 5 red door, develop slowly, trying to kill him impossible - — PDD this is an unfair game, I can't a man to face two defensive towers. — — Rookie electric batons and I can't to the line pressure, he's too steady, electric batons, stability to compressive didn't also the way I want to - — Strawberry, wanted to kill electric batons, less than three people is impossible. — — Flame the prudent man made the road have two defensive towers, to know no one will try to kill a defensive towers - — — 骗子
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