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The supermarket advertising income effect is good

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

tobacco online features as LingShouHu, advertising a lot of people think that only the big enterprise, big brands have a 'patent', in fact, for us these small small retail businesses, for their own supermarket is indispensible to do advertising, is also very important.
remember my house when the supermarket opened, due to lack of funds, supermarket, in some remote areas is not very good. Therefore, open for six months, has been the crowds, the business is not very good. Later, I think for my supermarket advertising, of course, is not on, TV ( We don't have so much money, didn't also the necessary) 。 I'm wondering how to make their business better, let his own reputation, supermarket.
so I by learning the experience of other LingShouHu, homemade some environmental protection shopping bag, on the shopping bag sew my name of the supermarket and straightforward slogan. Those who come to my home supermarket customer, I send you a free so a shopping bag. This kind of homemade relative to plastic shopping bag, already beautiful, sturdy, and can be reused, low carbon environmental protection, not only loved by customers, advertising effect is obvious. Many customers are rush to buy things can send shopping bags, advertising let my supermarket to reverse the situation, business is thriving.
to reap the benefits of the advertising, I again move ideas, inclined to advertise the supermarket, I think I shop in the gift lighters, also printed on the supermarket I shop name and the slogan, let every one get lighter gift customers, every time with her, will see my house to the name of the supermarket, in mind.
I also print some business CARDS, not only reveal his identity, but also to the supermarket to do advertising, I'm on a business card to print the name of the supermarket, business types, also I have mobile phones and fixed-line phones, etc. , convenient customer telephone shopping. For every customer came by and I will be with my card is sent to them. Gradually, I supermarket's reputation has spread far, customers are affected, customers more and more big, the business is more and more fire.
supermarket advertising, income effect is good. Big supermarket to do advertising, small supermarket do advertising. Actually these small advertising also not is my original creation, many LingShouHu are experimenting with. In short, advertising is like air and water is indispensable to our retail merchants. For those who are some of the new opening of retail peers, I you don't ignore the effect of advertising, fingertips, shoot advertising, will get twice the result with half may surprise effect.
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