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The tactics card + electric batons this 'fairy jump' gang was aborted - by the police Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Small card to bring customers in the distribution of the tactics, after a crime tools such as electric batons extortion by intimidation, threat of violence, even rob, successively commit crime number, the amount of nearly one hundred thousand yuan. Recently, shenyang police after continuous operation, and successfully solved a robbery gang 'fairy jump'. Case series analysis syndicates since August this year, both chengyang district police station in each report, someone for blackmail 'door-to-door service', the site for the hotel or apartment, some of the victims did not take any services are also robbed of money. Shenyang police reports, forensic department jointly with the relevant police station immediately set up of some branch of synthetic operations room to timely issued relevant early warning information. Through a large number of video investigation, police found a case with string and conditions, with a group of criminal suspects can be initially identified as cross. Patrol found suspicious captured three early September 28, 2019, shenyang police station 125 patrol cruiser to the jurisdiction and a hotel apartment, a white van parked police attention, a hand holding a cigarette from time to time leaned out of the car. Half an hour ago, police patrol the area when the car is parked here, considering the 'fairy jump' case of frequent recently, police suspect van may have a problem. Avoid startle, civilian police stopped the car far aside, casually dressed up as passers-by. Pass by the vehicle, civilian police to the car swept one eye, through the window, there were three men inside the car, playing with mobile phones. Police immediately take action, with police cars blocking the van driving route, electric batons, lived a few doors, and then the three men were questioned on the car, and search for items inside the car. After the check, the car a few yellow box is equipped with bundles of the tactics CARDS, and find out a pair of electric batons, before this with several blackmail found free robbery case description are very much a trebuchet. Then three men back to police investigation, and the seizure of the white van. Ultimately replaced by four gangs TuShen overnight, three men to distribute the tactics CARDS and intimidation, threat guests demanding money crime confessed. Through the three people's statement and identify, civilian police to quickly lock the nucleus of the gang Yang, that day to nab it. After check, since August 2019, Yang had organised gangs to provide members of the opposite sex in numerous service as a bait for extortion or robbery. Currently, four of shenyang police criminal detention, criminal suspects have been the case is pending further.
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