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The torch ignition device installation and wiring

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
The torch ignition device installation and wiring: 1, ( 1) Use occasions for burner, have Φ 16 on the burner. 5 hole and processed into M18 x 1. 5 the installation of the screw, the ignition rod screw-in can, ignition installed on the ignition end of stem injection ( Gas) The site of mouth before 30 ~ 50 mm ( 2) Use occasions for tossing in the torch, then you need to the ignition rod with special ignition rod clamp, ignition rod on the ignition end distance tossing in 100 - 200 mm. We present a new ignition rod structure, ignition rod does not need to adjust the discharge distance. 2, power cords on the front panel of the power socket, ignition, ignition just by turning on the power switch. Note: 1, the igniter for the high energy ignition, the ignition end resistance to carbon deposition, in the case of carbon deposit can also be lighter, so the user is in use process does not need to clean up the ignition end, can be at ease use. 2, when the ignition when ignited fuel, namely breakpoint firearms, the ignition time can't more than 20 seconds, continuous ignition for 1 minute, should rest 3 minutes. 3, the ignition rod of the front is a special structure, the user cannot be used after ignition rod sawing or cut. Technical parameters: 1, the power supply voltage: 220 v + 10% for 50/60 hz2, adapting to fuel: light oil, heavy oil, low calorific value gas 3, ignition rod and heat-resistant: 1300 ℃, ignition frequency: 6 - 12 times/S5, spark energy: 20 j torch ignition device
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