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The traffic police to help change tire afterwards found knife edge and electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
On 12 August afternoon, nanjing high-speed, eight brigade Liu Huimin patrol officers on the road, arrived the shanghai-shaanxi expressway harmony is 6, far see a black car parked in front of the emergency lane. According to understand the car on the highway, all of a sudden flat tire, traffic police patrols discovered, take the initiative to help him, but the owner is not willing to, also hope that the traffic police to leave early. Under suspicious traffic of vehicles examined, the results found a drive and a blade sword and electric batons. “ Car has a flat tire, let me help you change the tire. ” Liu officer considering the highway for a safe hidden trouble, decided to help. Heard this, man look strange, has repeatedly said he is able to repair. “ Change tire on the highway itself has certain risk, must have the car repaired as soon as possible. ” Liu said the officer, get ready to go back and tools. See this, the man's face changed, hurriedly take himself to the trunk with the tool, the abnormal behavior caused liu alert police officers. The tire replacement, liu police officer said to check the vehicle according to the regulations. Just open the trunk, liu police officer saw a pair of bright sword, but also driven a blade, alongside a police self-defense electric batons. On inquiring, man confessed, their travel outside, so for a little bit of self-defense tool. Afraid of being found, so the man change tire is not willing to help to police. After system check, no problem man. Then, liu officer to criticism education, man and seized two contraband in accordance with the law. Defibrillator matters needing attention in the electric stick: use, you must remember, dizziness level of self-defense electric batons, no danger, please do not bring an electric shock the other side of the brain and heart, otherwise may cause the hemp vexed. Recommend shock after the abdomen, the neck, etc. , the neural network is more, won't cause any harm and can play a defibrillator maximum power, let the other side flat on the floor, cry not only, and until the faint. Another: electric shock stick power will weaken when close to each other's skin a lot, everyone on the soap test to understand, must leave a little distance to play the best effect. You use at ordinary times as far as possible through the clothes, generally to say, across the thickness of a pair of jeans power can play to the best. If your clothes is thin, can try to make an electric shock while sliding on the other side of the body. May also play a very good effect. Maintenance. High voltage stick, after all, is a complex thing, don't like bar and spray, so use should pay attention to daily maintenance. Mainly in charge: 1, must be discharge before charging! High-quality goods packing stick use are nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries, discharge is large, but has memory effect, so the electric shock stick can't be like mobile phone charge at random. Discharge method is simple, is when the frequency of the shocks significantly slower, voice low, means that the black hawk electric batons shortage, power can shock a few times more shock at this time to discharge, such as orange peel, leaf, applauded couldn't wait to play the sound, can charge. ( Note that the battery can't in empty electric power storage for too long, otherwise it will seriously reduce the battery life) 。 2, high-voltage rod factory has been filled with electricity, please charge again run out of electricity. 3, charging process should never use! Be sure to turn off the power switch when charging! Otherwise it might damage the defibrillator. 4, 8 - charging time Ten hours is the most appropriate, all stun guns are all the same, not too long, don't more than 12 hours. Self-defense electric batons have done before they go out for dealing with batteries, so don't like mobile phone charge it for a long time of electricity for the first time. 5, had just finished filling electric voltage instability, it's best to start with an hour to use. 6, in the case of open the flashlight, try not to shock, otherwise a great influence on the light bulb. 2 - after the shock, etc 3 seconds to turn on the light 7 electric shock, do not close to the metal objects, otherwise it will affect the service life of an electric battery and components.
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