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The United States was found not guilty by a former police officer shot escape black after being investigated - again Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
The original title: the United States was found not guilty by a former police officer shot escape black again after being investigated ze cut in Presley ( Graph: fox news) Georgia a police officer had been fired, 2018, shot and killed an unarmed escape black, was sentenced to manslaughter, acquitted. At present, the case has carried on the survey again. According to 6, fox news, which involved were former police called cut jersey in Presley, in 2018, he killed 33, Tony green. Presley was kingsland expelled from the police station. After shooting, the grand jury sued Presley. Presley was ordered to prison awaiting on October 18, electric batons, will announce the final sentence as a result, he could face one to five years in prison. If he was found guilty of manslaughter, could face up to 20 years in prison. Late June 20, 2018, Presley think that green is driving without a license, then follow the green car, followed in a dark street on foot after green, two people a brief struggle, but the picture is not taken to monitor line. Recording captured Presley stun guns from electric shock, followed by 8 shots. Presley told a police officer arrived at the scene, the green in the top of his body, trying to catch his stun guns. 'Then I will steal back to my gun, he began to get up, I will shoot. 'He said,' I think he is going to kill me. Green's lawyer, said green because of wrong decision and shot, Presley have been worried about his own life, and made a fatal mistake. Although green is escaped from the police, but he was unarmed, sin will not die. Prosecutors said from shooting to trial, Presley have 474 days to make his story according to law. Green, the father of Wayne Anderson said: 'my son was murdered. But the man who murdered my son can go home to find his son, and just take 1 to 5 years of punishment. This should make a lot of black notice, you can running around on the football field, you can appeal in court, you can play baseball. In the end, but when they see you, they only see a black man. ”
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