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The very essence of 'the Wolf' is aim - 'blowout' word Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Recently, wang in nanning nanning citizens when he got past security, metro line 1 south lake was suddenly stopped by security personnel and electric batons, turned out to be wang put the bag have defibrillator and tear injector, two kinds of so called coyotes weapons are prohibited item. For days, nanning metro police found a lot of security problems of female passengers, including the figure of the equipment. The girl away from home is not safe, especially there are more and more abnormal man on the street, who knows what will happen next second. A lot of women in the number of road accident from work too much, some women are ready to defend Wolf spray is specialized in the body, to protect themselves, but these belongs to the contraband is can't get on the bus. ( Guangxi news network contemporary al-hayat) We in TV, Internet or news reports, often see there a subway station 'groping' news. See this kind of news, the author always sigh with emotion, knowing the law, knowing the camera around, there are still a handful people regardless of the majesty of the law and moral condemnation, go out of 'groping'? Is the real 'hero sad beauty pass', or 'beauties' dress attire too 'beautiful'? Believe that the author not only, more people, especially female friends, have seen such 'groping', so, all kinds of instruments 'coyotes' also arises at the historic moment. Have a pepper spray, defend Wolf electric batons, etc. , some female friends put all these items in the bag to carry, even take a bus or subway. However, a variety of instruments is able to really play the role of the Wolf? The author thinks that, the Wolf's essence lies in the word 'blowout' draw. If security personnel make these banned items get on with, to other passengers is not responsible for the performance of power after all these 'weapons'. Maybe a lot of people just heard of 'coyotes' spray, etc. , not seen in real life. Great way to put in the film, the actor Zhang Li beauty had used pepper spray to make Huang Bo and Xu Zheng tasted the bitterness. There's a film inside to avoid exaggerated ingredients, but for pepper spray lethality we are there for all to see. Take public transportation, such as pepper spray in violation of the public safety, also didn't really have the effect of 'the Wolf'. In case the Wolf electric batons, for example, defend Wolf electric batons destabilising, electric batons, carry possible leakage happens, and if that happens, will not only hurt themselves, even hurt other passengers. 'Wolf', however, do not know whether your bag is the Wolf, they will not fear because of this, so the Wolf appliance a car, do more harm than good. To really 'blowout' live sex maniac, have to start from oneself. Through the observation, found that the high frequency of 'groping' season is summer. In the summer, because individual women dress too 'cool', combined with the personnel crowded on the subway, bus or other public transportation, are more likely to lead to 'groping' event. Women should dress appropriately when go out, for some high vigilance, 'sex maniac' nip in the bud, this is really the essence of 'the Wolf'. 'Wolf' is not terrible, the subway 'groping' is not a nightmare, we don't need to put the Wolf at the expense of the endangering public security appliances to public transport. As long as the female friends hold tightly the secret book 'blowout' word, also a clean piece of subway station is just around the corner!
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