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There is balance of $120000 was transferred to buy ZIPPO lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

the existence of balance of treasure. Ten thousand yuan
to be transferred to buy the ZIPPO lighter
wenzhou longwan police to pay treasure to Trinidad pursuit

the correspondent uncovered new gang of fraud case Long Gong xuan correspondent chen-hui wang
recently, wenzhou longwan police to pay treasure company through careful investigation, thousands of miles, in hainan captured using the network to implement fraud and theft, pay treasure to monetise suspect cracked series pay treasure account theft cases and to introduce the name of 'sugar mamas' more than fraud cases, successful abort this series of new type of theft, fraud gangs.
user balance money mysterious treasure
today (date) (month) (year) in the evening, in the wenzhou longwan wing wong in balance treasure to transfer money at home, feel much less balance amount of treasure. She hurriedly login pay treasure account to view, the results showed that the balance Po yuan stolen by the person to buy a cigarette lighter.
wang pay treasure account bills, according to June 21, there is a mysterious order, the order is to buy a ZIPPO lighters, each price yuan, a total of RMB.
wang very surprised, she never online buying lighters, account must be stolen. Because at the beginning when using the balance Po, see if the account is stolen from the advertising company will be in full compensation, wang didn't go to the police, call contact customer service immediately, reflect the situation to the company.
soon, pay treasure customer service after verification to wang yuan for compensation.
the police li pursuit to destroy criminal gangs
at the beginning of this year, the city of wenzhou longwan received pay treasure company to report. Because such cases means is novel, the case in longwan, wenzhou longwan, two levels of authority was astonished immediately launched investigation.
the police to pay treasure to security personnel through the investigation, preliminary confirmation job site is located in the hainan haikou.
astonished on June 21, in hainan haikou city QiongShan area a rental, captured the criminal suspect Chen, xu. The next day, and in haikou meilan district, haikou QiongShan hot-work farm area were captured two other suspects involved pingyuan, deng one. June 21, in conjunction with the local authorities, in hexi district, sanya hotel successfully captured the criminal suspect dolphins began.
the suspect worship 'experts' learning art theft
upon examination, the criminal suspect Chen and xu two people on the Internet for a long time before marriage proposal, and pretend to be women as bait to implement fraud. At the beginning of two people is taken by drugs known as hainan people 'roommate' pingyuan, deng one.
activities, Chen, xu two people heard Lin, deng two people are good at using cash cash, pay treasure to account immediately after out 'who' to them. For committing a crime, they also provided specifically to find crime statistics and the method of 'experts' dolphins began, let the dolphins began to teach them stealing skills.
from the start of a criminal suspect began to use embedded Trojan software theft of user information, or buy from other sites related to user information, and then through the software to log in on the pay outfit site test, have successfully logged in, just use this account to a particular seller online physical blocks on money laundering, the implementation of theft close up.
at the same time, the group also pretend to be rich to marriage proposal, and give attention to two or morethings to bait over commit fraud. In a few months, the group has successfully more than, illegal profits nearly ten thousand yuan.
online shopping should try to choose well-known site
the police in the investigation found that a few websites or illegal sites pose a safety hazard, are easy to be a hacker, related to personal information easy to leak, criminal suspects have the use of these small websites or illegal sites for invasion, and then the interception user information used for committing a crime.
police clew, the network shopping should choose as far as possible big website, individual users don't download and install an unfamiliar software, try to use legitimate software, not bad landing site, and install system patch, in a timely manner to upgrade antivirus software regularly, also don't pay regularly changing website login and password, and respond.
in addition, with the popularity of mobile phone chat, now mobile phones Trojan through instant messaging tools and APP is also increasing, such as user when using these tools to avoid receiving and installation does not, don't be 'on every code scanning' so as to avoid risk.
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