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Thieves with electric batons beat to be tackled - security police arrived on time Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
1 about the day before yesterday afternoon, minhang district Yintai garden inside the village, a man steal the car ready to escape by security guards found that the feeling be nasty under, the thief took out electric batons, knocked to the ground to the security guard, but police arrived in time, the uniform. About 1 PM the day before yesterday, electric batons, double cypress road 1688, lane Yintai estates security master xue found a suspicious man, then the case for tracking. Soon, the man wearing a yellow jacket from district no. 88 building launched a electric bicycle, electric car lock has broken bad, xue master to the questioning. Saw a security guard near the electric batons, betray one's guilty conscience man started to run, xue master soon catch up. Escape in the process, yellow dress man suddenly took a electric batons, knocked to the ground the pursuit of security, and fall of xue master did not flinch, got up quickly, to push man again back to the 88 building. Community residents said immediately report to the police. 1 PM 53 points, after receiving alarm Cao Xing minhang public security bureau police station immediately rushed to the scene, police man arrested suspects in building no. 88. Except when we use the electric batons, police and from men carrying bags for screwdriver, wrench, 14 items such as crime tool with a crowbar. According to the police, the captured man surnamed xu, from Shanghai, 50 years old this year. After the incident, xu, from December 2003 to now, his many times for different reasons such as gambling, theft, and drug use is the door of the Ministry of Public Security processing. In August 2013, was the last time because of drug administrative detention by police in fengxian, badly behaved. Police xu has been detained in accordance with the law.
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