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This is a prerequisite for the iPhone 6 glass panel?

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

yesterday we get a mysterious piece of glass from anonymous sources. We are told, is the next iPhone front glass panel. And this name is not willing to disclose the identity of the source stressed that the final version of the glass panel is infinitely close to mass production.
now that are delivered, it would be better to see actually? So this time we are one of the greatest simple accessories made a fit test. First the suspected iPhone panel matched the apple standard of workmanship, specially we seek to compare a original iPhone glass panel. Found both processing technique, paint technology, and the bending strength and so on are both highly similar. And for reasons of sources, we went to the product number behind the panel and implicit apple's barcode.

the combination of toMac earlier reports, all make us believe that this mysterious glass, could be used for testing or assemble the iPhone's front panel. So after confirm the authenticity of this piece of glass, we decided to make further fit test.
and rumors, the upper screen set aside about the size of the glass panel. Inch, compared to the current iPhone s clear. Screen size changes, of course, will also be seen in feeling. There is no doubt that if the next iPhone screen sizes up to. Inches or higher dimensions, will inevitably affect one hand grip handle. Another punch we can see that from the panel beside the next iPhone front-facing camera will be returned to the receiver.

the iPhone's front glass panel, a rectangular rim
and we found that, comparing to the iPhone panel on hand, though the difference is not big, but found that this new glass panel products is thinner than before. And the design of this glass also is different with previous product edge used the cambered surface grinding process, so the positive look there will be a certain surface effect, this kind of technology with nokia. D process is very similar to the glass panel.
as to why apple may be used on the next iPhone this new glass polishing process? In fact, the reason is very simple, if you've seen before the iPhone photos should see, The figure below) , the next iPhone will have a 'round' design language. Intention is that even if the screen size is increased, but with rounded edge design from enhanced grip feeling to the greatest extent. And a curved front panels believe has become a part of this design change. Source:

macitynet. It
in the end, the person told us the panel to give up some of the original processing technology. The inside part at the receiver, the iPhone has been adopted to dig side of the wedge processing, but can't see on the new panel. Though the sources said the material of the panel may no longer be corning glass, but the legendary sapphire, leading to apple had to temporarily abandoned this design by the manufacturing process problems. But before can't make a further identification, we are temporarily or hold cautious attitude.
ok, thank you for watching this issue may be the most monotonous to fit for you.
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