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Tianwang holds fire safety knowledge lecture

Tianwang holds fire safety knowledge lecture


In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees of the company and popularize fire safety knowledge, Tianwang specially invited the police officers of the Fire Safety Knowledge Promotion Center to conduct a fire safety knowledge explanation to our company.


The police officers showed us a real case of fire, let us deeply understand the importance of fire safety, mainly focused on fire prevention, fire fighting, escape, how to use the fire equipment around. Explain in detail the safety hazards around us: for example, natural gas pipelines should be inspected and replaced regularly. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, and only natural gas alarms can detect them. The appliance cannot be plugged into the outlet for a long time when it is not in use, otherwise it may cause a fire.


After telling how to prevent fire, the fire extinguishing and escape methods and the use of fireproof equipment were explained in detail. Explain the formation process of the fire, the initial fire save: In case of gas fire, the first thing to do is to extinguish the fire instead of closing the valve. In the event of an electrical fire, immediately turn off the main gate to cut off the power. After the power is turned off, you should not use water to extinguish the fire. Instead, use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. Later, it explained in detail how to escape from self-rescue in the case of a fire failure, the escape method of low floors and high floors, and a live demonstration of the type and use of the fire extinguisher and the wearing method of the smoke mask.

The fire is cruel, but it can also be prevented. While doing the fire prevention work, it is necessary to strengthen the popularization of fire fighting and escape knowledge, and it can greatly avoid the casualties and property losses caused by the fire.
Fire is inseparable from people's daily lives, but it is also dangerous when it is used improperly. Don't forget to prevent fires in daily life. Tianwang is committed to the production of arc lighter products, making it easier for people to use fire and to make fire more widely used. When using the lighter, be careful not to ignite flammable materials (such as leaves, paper, grass, etc.) and cause a fire. Tianwang will also strictly monitor the quality of each product, so that consumers can use it with confidence.

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