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Tianwang's gas furnace igniter is new launched

Tianwang's gas furnace igniter is new launched


Tianwang gas burner ignition transformer is suitable for various types of fuel burners and gas stove, oil burners, floor heating, boilers, furnaces, etc., which can ignite different fuel oils such as diesel, methanol and charcoal. The exterior is made of all-epoxy resin seal, which has good insulation performance, cold resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, firepower and fire, and effective ignition.

Applications:The gas ignitor transformer(controller)are designed for automatic gas lighting control of burner, oven, stove, boiler, grill, painting booth, coating plant, etc

Product parameters:

Input voltage: AC 100~120v/50, 60Hz AC220~240V/50, 60Hz

Output voltage: 15~22KVo-p

Output current: 22~30mA

The parameters are available for reference. There are many models of gas/oil burner igniters, which support customization. Welcome to send us inquiry.

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