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To buy a bar, pepper spray and other violence for jinan sentenced to criminal group - evil forces Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Images from jinan downtown district people's court of Beijing express, according to the jinan area people's court on June 26, the jinan area people's court Song Dengli etc. Three people to participate in the evil forces of criminal cases of first instance verdict. Since November 2016, Ren Shiwen with its actual control of jinan chang car rental co. , LTD. , John east, in the name of the enterprise management consulting co. , LTD. , respectively, to undertake the sunshine property insurance co. , LTD. , ping an HP investment consulting co. , LTD. '' late debt collection business, such as the ratio of the two sides agreed in accordance with the actual amount repaid to pay service charge. Ren Shiwen to obtain illegal interests, rented an office in cheung tai square, gradually goons Song Dengli jin-lu wang, Zhang Jiwen and the defendant, Liu Mingyu, Lu Honglin people engage in violence for illegal activities. Ren Shiwen cross banded directed the members take verbal threats, restrictions on freedom, violent assault, when facing the debtor to arrears in the office, at the same time, in the name of the labor and overtime pay, outside the scope of debt to the debtor imposed property, and the above extort property according to Ren Shiwen, organisers were 25%, 50% 25% of all personnel to assist, also bought a bar in the office, pepper spray, such as crime tool, initially formed with Ren Shiwen ringleaders, jin-lu wang, Zhang Jiwen as key member of a set of fixed Song Dengli, Liu Mingyu, Lu Honglin and Zhou Rui, Aaron kwok cheung wai, zhang wei, li Yang, an-sheng Yang, feng often goods More than six people have been sentenced) And evil forces active participant of a criminal group, implementation of extortion, illegal detention of illegal and criminal activities, seriously disturb the order of economic and social life, electric batons, caused the bad social influence. Images from the jinan area downtown district court of the people's court for Song Dengli extortion sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment eight months of the year, twenty thousand yuan fine; For Liu Mingyu racketeering crimes sentenced to prison for seven months of the year, twenty thousand yuan fine; For Lu Honglin racketeering crimes sentenced to prison for seven months of the year, twenty thousand yuan fine.
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