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To protect themselves must: earth's best 5 kind of self-defense electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
There are many tools can be used for self-defense, but when you really need to stop the attacker but don't want to cause any permanent damage, have no a better tool than stun guns. Stun guns as personal defense weapon is very precious. They are usually compact structure, easy to operate, and can be quickly and easily in a few seconds to attackers fell on his knees & hellip; … If the loud acoustic and bright flash will not stop them first. However, there are so many stun guns on the market, how do you distinguish what is worth, which is absolute rubbish? Fortunately, we compiled a on the market at present, we think the top five list of stun guns. We select the best choice of the three major categories ( The most valuable, the most suitable for personal defense and capacity) And several honorary title. Do you know what happened that day? 1. The remote defibrillator ( The highest value) Remote defibrillator is a 8 million volt stun guns, can also be used as a fairly bright LED flashlight. Although it is cheap, but still content. Statements non-slip rubber coating of advertising this stun guns is easy to operation, and to keep weapons body of water and oil free. We found that the latex coating will not increase the difficulty of the discrepancy of it in his pocket, so it is for our book a huge advantage. When you need it, you don't want it to stop clutch bag, right? 管理系统- 880 has a built-in battery, there is no need to worry about buy battery for stun guns constantly. Just open the built-in pin and insert it into the wall socket. Mild to moderate use, the battery should be kept for about a month of electricity. Advantages: bright LED flashlight built-in battery non-slip rubber coating faults: launch button feel fragile after heavy use, plug will loose 2. VIPERTEK VTS- 989 ( Maximum power) Vipertek VTS- 989 is a 38 million volt stun guns, with ergonomic handle, can be in when you most need to provide you with comfortable and solid grip. Outline of the handle is not the only the salvation of your choice, it also with a wrist strap, to ensure that your stun guns will not struggling accidentally leave your hand or be taken away from you. Good enough? On both sides of the shock plate pointed directly? An attacker could try it away from you or away from them, but once they come into contact with the impact plate, they will regret it immediately. 管理系统- 989 the build quality is very good. It is light, feel is really strong. In terms of size, this stun guns is small enough to pack in his pockets, but large enough to be scary. Oh, speaking of intimidation & hellip; 管理系统- 989 is a noisy stun guns. This is a benefit, because on the ChaJiao beating loud shrill voice enough to stop the most people who want to become the attackers. Most of the traditional style of stun guns use only two metal plates, inward and arc tend to be a bit overwhelmed. This stun guns is not so. 管理系统- 989 using the spikes pointed, can wear thicker clothes, which will provide you with the greatest degree of contact, so as to make things easier. Be like the VTS 880, this type of stun guns is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so you don't have to worry about changing it, just keep charging status, can be used anytime and anywhere. de ré n。
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