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Tomorrow after electric shock stick how get electric shock stick manor how unlock - after tomorrow Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Tomorrow after electric shock stick is necessary props in late survivors survival guide, is also a higher grade weapon props, are major players in the late of attack tools, can meet the high demand, let below small make up look at specific information! ! Name of weapons: electric shock stick damage: 76. 0 weapon fire: 5. 0 weapon performance: after attacks can cause the enemy temporary paralysis, loss of line power farm level 7 can unlock formula, advanced formula, the weapons for electric batons, need to upgrade first, and then unlock the corresponding formula. Level 50 production levels, which can be open, can unlock weapons combat level 50. Subordinate: arms acquisition methods: on the equipment manufacture. Use requirement: need to combat proficiency level is to use level 50. Electric batons to post-production, harm, can consider to post-production, used to melee hit control, the effect is good. Not only large damage, wide range, at the same time, convenient to carry, can improve their offensive efficiency and frequency. The original title: tomorrow after shock shock stick stick to a few level estate estate unlock level view
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