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Trace injection PVC shoe buckle

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

abstract: soft PVC shoes materials, shoe buckle for shoe uppers, soles, shoes accessories, is one of the shoes factory need to purchase the accessories. Shoes with soft PVC LOGO, plastic tags, soft PVC labels, shoes materials, beautiful and easy, can be printed LOGO sign. Can be designed into the shoes style, trademark signs such as shoes material.
service: dongguan di standard plastic products factory to provide specialized in the production of soft PVC shoes materials processing production, business cooperation, OEM production services such as
material: soft PVC price:

can provide design specifications or sample inquiry specification: set
brand customers: the customer set the soft PVC advertising samples
style: plane D
printing LOGO: can according to customer requirements to customer's own LOGO design on the
samples, drawings, clients, or customers to sample proofing manuscripts received
minimum quantity: PCS
coordination &liaision instead: day
bags carton size: cm by cm x. Cm
note: the above drawing is for reference only, welcome calls, the contributions to order samples, proofing production, for details, please contact our online service agent
plastic products factory in dongguan di standard factory professional design and production of PVC soft rubber and silicon craft gifts, accessories, home decoration and all kinds of original brand animation derivatives. Such as: PVC photo frames, mugs, coasters, key chain, key bag, luggage tag, fridge magnets, U disk sets, key sets, lighter sets, bar mat, mat, car seat belt buckles, bobbin winder, pen holder, the cap of a pen, ruler, mobile phone hang act the role ofing, mobile phone hang rope, notebooks, band, bottle opener, PVC glue chapter, trademarks, plastic bags, LOGO, clothes, plastic seal LOGO, plastic zipper head, shoes LOGO, shoe buckle, hair clips, hair accessories, badges, brooches, silicone wrist band, hand ring, such as soft rubber products; Products comply with the United States, the European Union ROSE report environmental standards, environmental non-toxic. Production process unique, vivid, exquisite, comfortable, strong plasticity, fashion, beautiful appearance. Close to the market trend. Product light resistance, resistance to sweat, cold, friction resistance, prevent ageing, do not fade, not afraid of water, feel is good wait for an advantage, can make vertical and plane effect, also can do double-sided clamping logo. Products are widely used in advertising, activity promotion, business exhibition, festival promotion, sports event, life gifts, corporate gifts, toys, gifts, etc. Company since its inception, and constantly get the Japan Disney, pleasant goat and kung fu dragon, KFC, McDonald's, centralized lubricating oil, Toyota, amway, windham, industrial and commercial bank of China, tencent, China mobile, China telecom and other well-known brands at home and abroad business support, from design, open mold, proofing, production, packaging, transportation, after-sales service, to provide customers with complete one-stop service! The company takes the good faith management, mutual benefit, continuous improvement, the operating principle of common development, with superb technology, excellent quality, good service, to create the first brand of PVC industry!
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