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Trump impeachment trial on the first day: rules determine the amendment was no 11 - Democrats Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Beijing, Jan. 22 (xinhua) comprehensive report, after 13 hours of debate, the United States presidential impeachment trump the senate hearing on the first day, the Democrats, senate minority leader Charles schumer proposed amendments, trying to more witnesses and file into the trial procedure, but were senate republicans voted down. Local time on January 21, the U. S. senate trial to trump the impeachment of President. Democrat, senate minority leader Charles schumer held a conference in the meeting, fire set by the republicans, his impeachment trial process. China news agency reporters hwu series perturbation trial rules have been confirmed. 22 am local time, the senate vote for 47 to 53 by a senate majority leader mitch McConnell earlier trial plan, give the Democrats prosecutors and lawyers trump each 24 hours of the trial in three days time, eased after two days will be heard time limit plan, and allow the investigation records as evidence of the house of representatives. In the day of the trial, senate vote for 47 to 53 by the vote, to prevent the schumer asked the White House, the State Council and the office of management and budget will trump and records and documents presented to the court in the interaction between three independent initiative. The senate rejected demands to subpoena agent White House chief of staff marva and former national security adviser, John bolton, the witness's request. The house judiciary committee chairman jarrod nadler ( 杰纳德勒) Is one of the head of impeachment, he accused republicans refused to get more evidence, is in the 'vote to cover up the truth'. From beginning to end, chief justice John Roberts is a procedural role - — He only made a sermon to both sides, accused both sides lack of civil discourse. He said: 'I do think the people who in a speech to the senate should remember where they are. 'It is reported that the trial will be 22 at 1 PM eastern time in the United States to continue. According to Mr McConnell's plan, trump's law may be in the early stages of litigation asked senator rejected all charges, according to a senior aide said the republican leadership, the move may not be able to support needed to be successful. Even if the motion fails, trump will almost certainly be the senate acquitted. But the trial to trump for re-election in November in the impact is far less clear. ( Coordinating editor: Sun Chang ( Intern) , Gu Wenting) , electric batons
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