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TW-901 electronic usb lighter instructions

TW-901 electronic usb lighter instructions


The TW-901 cigarette lighter has no open flame(spark arc) compared with traditional lighters, and is safe and durable.

The TW-901 plasma arc lighter is windproof and can be used in harsh environments. It can be used repeatedly and is more environmentally friendly than gas lighters.

Arc lighters apply for: cigarettes, candles, stoves, fireplace, barbecues, fireworks, bonfires and other dry flammables.


How to use the arc lighter:

1.1 The product can be connected to the computer and mobile phone charger for charging via USB charging cable.

1.2 When charging, the indicator light turns red, after full charge, and the indicator light goes out.

1.3 Turn the power switch and turn on the power. Press the middle button, the flashlight is turned on, and then press it again to turn off; push the switch forward, generate an arc, release the reset, and the arc is turned off.


2.1 Keep the product out of the reach of children.
2.2 Do not disassemble this product except authorized service personnel.
2.3 Do not put the product into water or other liquids, as this will cause a short circuit.
2.4 Do not charge the product on any power source other than the 1.2 rechargeable power source mentioned above.
2.5 In order to avoid excessive temperature and affect the service life, do not use it more than ten times in a row.
2.6 Keep away from others and your face, skin and dangerous combustibles. To avoid danger, make sure the flame is completely extinguished after use.
2.7 This product should be kept away from flame and high temperature above 60 °C to avoid sun exposure, otherwise it may lead to functional decline and reduced service life.
2.8 Do not touch the arc with your hand, for there is the risk of high temperature and voltage.


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