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Two Cousins to get a QQ number out electric batons, a climb to the top floor - 16 Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Excitement, little willow climbed up the 16 storeys. Zhejiang online July 18 ( Today's morning post correspondent Qian Jianing reporter hai-feng lu) The day before yesterday evening at 11 36 points, haining received fire alarm: the city haichang road and south pond road intersection of wealth building roof, there is a man's emotional, to jump off a building. Fire immediately rushed to be present. Late-night intersection of lights, the scene is full of people, the traffic police is the traffic. See edge mansion sat a man, two feet up, Bob, emotional. Exactly because something hard, want to jump off a building? Spectators speculation: 'either quarreled with his wife or is owed him money. 'But fire rescue workers carefully one to understand, the real reason surprising - — Just for a QQ number. Originally, the man small willow ( Not his real name) With my cousin in haining, but one day, because of a QQ number, electric batons, two men quarrelled suddenly. 'Perhaps because the number of QQ number, it may also be because QQ there are some important person or information. 'Rescuers analysis. Two people the more noise more fierce, the feeling be nasty under hands on. At this moment, my cousin as a security guard with fuck up carrying a electric batons, a wave of his hand he gave his cousin a electricity. After small willow is power off, feel is no match for his cousin, electric batons, angrily left. Fight, lost the little willow very depressed, then a person go out to drink the MenJiu, drunk and then climbed up the tower. As firefighters rushed to the scene immediately after the split into two groups, a group of shop downstairs, cushions, a group of carrying a ladder on the 15th floor. Due to the 16th floor has not been completed, only walls and parts of rail network, no floor, firefighters could not directly in contact with the man, and small willows emotion, the players can't close to persuade. Little liu's family then to persuade, but also brought the little willow is only 1 month old son, but still persuade invalid. The firemen had to by handing, a cigarette for him, appease the mood, the waiting game. After more than an hour, liu a wine strength gradually dispersed, emotional stability, slowly walked to the grating on the inside, the firefighters immediately grabbed, saved him. According to a replacement, after you have sinusitis, easily excited and irritable.
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