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Two truck high speed to compete not Japanese electric shocks to iron hammer blows - lead to disaster Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
As the waves roar of the engine, the two van tandem speeding on the highway, chasing each other, at in traffic crowded highway & hellip; … It is not American movies, but recent freeway scene in suzhou & other; The fast and the furious & throughout; 。 Not only that, the two sides also took the electric shock stick, big iron hammer, however & other; Passion & throughout; And there is a price to pay to suzhou wujiang district people's procuratorate on suspicion of intentional injury against one of the drivers for the prosecution. Commercial daily reporter HuiYuLan correspondent YuWenJie pissing match two truck drivers in the first round highway week is crazy for 44, a truck driver, has for years been running transportation for a living. On August 27, 2016, he driving a car alone from wuxi to fuzhou shipping container with the truck. That day, one also drive a big truck full of live fish from shandong whedon to xiamen. At 10 o 'clock, in G15W high-speed from wujiang history. the toll station 30 km, the two cars. See some illegal passing from behind, as a very unhappy, then back. The move, let the weekend must think over. But every time he tried to overtake, one is the accelerator pedal just does not pass. In this way, all the way two people trapped, arrived in the history. the toll station. Pay fee as a car to slow down to line up, eyes watching the opportunity came, made an accelerated over the past, the car in front of the President of a, as a sudden brake didn't into it. After fighting off at the second round with electric shock stick iron hammer blows this, more and more as an internal heat, take one of the electric shock stick out of the car. He went to the weekend car, blocking don't let the past. The weekend also not afraid, even on the pedal slowly drove through a push back a two meters. Dare to see each other with it into yourself, let some go to next to the driver's door. Opened, he and electric ones went to the other stamps on the leg, some responded a foot, will be a kick. As some defy spirit, again climbed into the car. Weekend conveniently picked up a seat on the edge of the iron hammer dynasty as a wave, as a immediately a stun squatted on the ground, she put her nose mouth began to take a blood. The weekend is not Japanese, out of the car to let a played a few times. Near the driver a look at the situation, make a phone call to the police. The police arrived quickly called an ambulance will be sent to the hospital. Identified, a nasal bone, right face and right eye injuries constitute the human body. To the bill, the weekend also truthfully confesses his crime. On September 13, suzhou wujiang district people's procuratorate on suspicion of intentional injury, has launched the prosecution for the weekend. 【 Read] “ Chase race drive & throughout; The prohibition into the punishment has been more than 5 years why? On May 1, 2011 formally implemented 'criminal law amendment ( Eight) ', the first to drag racing, drunk driving as a crime. For more than five years, suzhou drunk driving into the punishment cases, electric batons, against drunk driving is & other; Immediate & throughout; Now, & other; Don't drink driving & throughout; The concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. But driving into the punishment cases, but not much. Reporter noticed that racing in the law known as drive a motor vehicle in the road & other; Chase race drive & throughout; , if bad circumstances constitute a crime of dangerous driving. 'Criminal law amendment ( Eight) 'To drive a motor vehicle chase race driving behavior to make the following provisions: & other; In driving a motor vehicle on the road to chase race drove, if the circumstances are flagrant, criminal detention, fine & throughout; 。 “ Have the behavior of the preceding paragraph, and at the same time constitutes another crime, convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions of the punishment heavier & throughout; 。 This has provided a legal basis for governance such dangerous driving behavior. In the interview, many citizens reflect, suzhou street in the middle of the night, or the inner ring road quickly, had heard the rumble of vehicles speeding, these cars still used to pull down or keep out racing car license plate, choose the road racing without monitoring equipment, and in the middle of the night, more difficult to obtain evidence. According to the accident, police said the race car driver easily & other; Road rage & throughout; , not only difficult to obtain evidence, seized a careless will cause an accident, the consequence is unimaginable. Police warn broad cyclists, do not involving cars, racing, adhere to the civilization of safe driving. , electric batons monopoly network
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