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Under the high temperature of China: cross-country motorcycle driver spontaneous combustion was burned to death

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

the original title: Chinese under the high temperature: the cross-country motorcycle driver spontaneous combustion was burned to death
qilu network - month day ( Reporter Wang Ying) High temperature easy to cause accident, especially vehicle.
'good morning, shandong' report, according to the shandong news center Sunday night at half past ten or so, a young man riding a cross-country motorcycle, in jinan shun plow accident near the east campus of jinan university. Motorcycle on the spot fires, driver, there is fire, was thrown seven or eight meters.
reporters here, using mobile phones to record the scene. Nearby residents also help. 'I now shun plow on the east campus of jinan university, found in this place have a motorbike has been burning up, beside the motorcycle someone lying on the ground, now there is a warm-hearted citizens have to join the rescue. '
to see the scene, many vehicles have also stopped, everyone put coma guy after a fire is extinguished, and combustion of the motorcycle. Then a reporter and a taxi stopped a car, to borrow a fire extinguisher, began to save lives.
the scene found no other vehicle accident. And the ambulance arrived, the injured man was sent to the shandong university qilu hospital, surgery for more than half an hour, due to his injuries, of the young man failed to revive. News add

higher posture

the heat spontaneous combustion motor vehicles cause the spontaneous main reason of car motor vehicle oil problems lead to oil leakage, short wire aging or improper connection produces a spark and high temperature combustion ignition items or equipment failure, etc. As temperatures rise gradually, owners should pay attention to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance, to avoid the vehicle for a long time exposure. Car mainly pay attention not to flammable items such as perfume, lighter is placed in the car, and accompanied by a fire extinguisher.
spontaneous before firefighters warn
vehicles tend to have difficulties, oil consumption appeared suddenly start suddenly increase, smoke, have a cause anxious burnt flavour, etc. , the owner should pay attention to the vehicle in time is unusual, abnormal should stop quickly. Under the premise of fire to ensure their safety alarm as soon as possible, early to put out a fire extinguisher available.
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