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Under the high temperature weather lighter explosion

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

in the summer, vehicle interior temperature is high. Professionals to remind the owner, don't put perfume, lighters, canned beverages, bottles of beer, plush toys and other inflammable and explosive goods into the car, so as to avoid accidents.
recently, citizens have taken place in Mr. Liu's car 'bang', caused the explosion was a disposable lighters. According to liu, at noon, he drove with two friends go out to eat. Smoking in the car, Mr Liu has made, they took out a cigarette from her bag and disposable lighters, 'after the smoke conveniently threw the cigarette lighter in the dashboard'. During the dinner, Mr Liu park your car in the parking lot no obstructions.
after the meal, Mr. Liu and his friend go to parking the car. Distance when the car a few meters away, flips, suddenly heard the car, opened the door and smell a pungent flavor. At this time, liu found that cigarette lighter exploded. 'Never dare not so careless. 'Liu lucky lighters' bang 'when the car happened to be nobody,' or just will be wounded. '
some brand automobile S shop service adviser to Mr Lee told the reporters, outdoor temperature reaches ℃, the temperature inside the car can achieve ℃ above. At this point, if placed in the car disposable lighters, thermal expansion of the liquid and the plastic shell exploded, if contact with some oil inside the car, flammable substances, still can cause fire, consequence is unimaginable.
'perfume also is easily ignored owners. 'Explained li, perfume volatilization will produce a flammable gas, after high temperature in an airtight, easy to explode. In addition, air fresheners, mosquito agent such as canned goods compressibility, carbonated drinks, reading glasses, plush toys, etc. , under the condition of high temperature is easy to explosion and burning.
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