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by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
For self-defense, habit of a lot of people with a knife or other self-defense weapons. Unexpectedly brother self-defense equipment has been to 'strict management, quality, sustainable development, DE for this, the first letter, casting brand' as the tenet of enterprise. Adhering to the 'science and technology is strong, the service - Will 'concept, to maintain the capital club - Harmonious development, protect people's life and property security, improve the urban public security prevention mechanism to make outstanding contributions. Self-defense equipment order WeChat: a13677152799 standby WeChat jingge880 unexpectedly brother self-defense equipment main: electric batons, knives, bow unexpectedly brother self-defense equipment zui - new developed by a police officer Electricity p - Club has the following characteristics: 1, using high-frequency oscillation circuit, improve the output current, large-capacity dc discharge, the output energy, using light lamp, two major electric batons, bright and long lighting time 3, using either the built-in charger is easy to carry 4, the product appearance is unique, elegant design, is an ideal product to go out at home, self-defense self-defense. This company to sell the goods used for self-defense self-defense, belongs to an emergency in case of an emergency for a certain amount of time to himself, out of the scene. All goods sold are strictly prohibited for illegal activities, or accept the consequences by buyers! Unexpectedly brother self-defense equipment quality goods to ensure all products, national express delivery, the inspection satisfactory payment again! Product support the cash on delivery, inspection satisfactory payment again, zero risk shopping, three months have quality problem, free in the new product, lifetime warranty, enterprises and institutions, Banks, schools, security company can open formal VAT fa.
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