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USB rechargeable lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

plastic inflatable projector security risk is very big, fart pocket accidentally can sit burst, summer if left in the car, accidentally sun burst consequence is unimaginable. Often drink the zippo oil in addition to the need, you can also choose to safe use of electronic lighters, connect the computer USB port can charge, launch the heating wire can light up, not inflatable not drink oil energy conservation, environmental protection and safety. The 1984 life grocery shelves available, stamp here for purchase.
+ built-in lithium electricity, USB plug via computer or inserted on all of the output voltage v adapter to recharge! Full of electricity can ignite, packs of cigarettes each time.
+ wind
the halogen-light + seconds automatically power outages, safety and energy saving
+ currently on the market's smallest electronic lighters
+ USES the 'spring' type electric heating wire, not easy to break! And heat faster, longer service life, more safety.
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