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Use what kind of work principle of the high energy ignition

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Working principle of the high energy ignition for the input ac 220 v power frequency, by boosting rectifier transform into dc current ripple, the storage capacitor charging. Electricity flows through the tube when the capacitor is full, discharge, choke, high-pressure shielded cable transmission to ignition rod semiconductor igniter, the formation of high-energy electric spark. When the ignition device to stop working, the rest of the charge on the capacitor discharge through the discharge resistance. High-energy ignition is mainly used in industrial kiln, boiler, chemical waste, such as the need for ignition coking mills exhaust gas ignition, by the high energy ignition, ignition rod, ignition cable of three parts. Using capacitor energy storage, ignition energy, semiconductor ignition electric nozzle, have very strong self-cleaning ability, is not affected by atmosphere pollution, oil resistance, water resistance, resistance to coking, high temperature resistance. Working principle: using 220 v, 50 hz alternating current (ac), through the voltage step-up transformer reach higher than 2500 v, after rectification for energy storage capacitor charging, the charging voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage of discharge tube, the voltage on the accumulator by discharge tube by ignition cable and conductive rod, discharge of semiconductor igniter igniter poles are a peak under the action of high voltage pulse energy, so in the semiconductor surface will produce strong electric spark, as a flaming fire.
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