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V9 law enforcement recorder - p wings Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
LED display screen 2 inch TFT display WIN2000 / XP/Windows 7 compatible operating system/doing photography format WVGA lens horizontal viewing Angle 130 degrees, MP4 ( 1280 x720/1920x1080/848x480) Photo JPEG format, recording alone (20 million pixels WAV format, 16 bit22khz sampling) Pick-up double track microphones interface type MIni USB, HDMI, 2. 5 mm earphone interface power can change 1800 mah lithium-ion batteries, the built-in rechargeable batteries, electric batons, ensure that the replacement battery 5 minutes when the video 5 vmini electrical charging ways of USB interface, external communication adapter storage medium built-in TF card, with 16 g, can extend the shooting time 11 hours (according to the demand Electric double) , 240 hours of standby time pre - recorded 30 seconds delay record against the fall protection grade 3 meters IP67 level weighs 121 grams
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