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Vertical DingFeng teach you how to safely use gas alarm

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

combustible gas detection alarm system is composed of detector probe and alarm, widely used in the existence of combustible gas oil, gas, chemical and other industries, to detect the leakage situation, ensure personal and property safety. But as an important equipment of disaster prevention, did not get enough attention in our daily management, improper management method, management does not reach the designated position phenomenon occurs frequently. Let stand DingFeng teach you how to safely use the gas alarm.
. Select instruments, gas alarm explosion-proof type, level, category must conform to the site classification of explosive gas mixture, level, category of requirements, shall not be used in more than allowed by the explosion-proof marks, otherwise not explosion-proof function. Instrument selection should consider regular manufacturers, the company advanced technology, sensitive and reliable, and meet the corresponding requirements.
  . Installation, gas alarm installation height should be depends on the density of the gas being measured, the density of air is less than the measured gas, the detector probe shall be installed in the top of the leak about m; Measured gas density than air, it should be installed at the bottom of the leak detector probe and above ground. M; Density and air close to the gas being measured, the detector probe should be close to the leak as far as possible. Open-air probes should be installed according to the measured gas density and select installation height, pay special attention to the point that the detector probe shall be installed on the lee side of the dominant wind direction. Detector probe after installation and debugging must install waterproof breathable cover, lest the rain into the damage to the probe. Regular cleaning, waterproof breathable cover to ensure the gas being measured normal into the detector probe.
  . Installation, for installation in the open air detector probe, temperature and humidity factors must be considered, to ensure that the temperature and humidity in accordance with instructions on the use of the gas alarm. Instrument installation place should also take into account the halogen element compounds the impact on the instrument, otherwise will lower the detector sensitivity, shorten the service life, serious still can make the instrument detection.
  . Number of installation, for there is a gas leak alarm may place of large and medium-sized, according to the relevant every apart ( ~) M should set a checkpoint. For the relatively closed small space ( Such as pump, bottle storage room) The check point should be established. When the scene of the gas species complex, to the number of detector, model should be relatively increased. If the detector is not in conformity with the scene, not only cannot detect the concentration of the surrounding gas, also easy to cause the detector malfunction and damage.
  . Regular inspection, gas alarm with self-check function, should press 'self-check' once a week, check whether the alarm system is normal; Weekly appearance inspection, check the connection parts, moving parts, monitor and control knob, check the trouble light, check the explosion-proof seals and fasteners, check whether there is any jam on probe, check the waterproof case, etc. For direct use of lighter gas in contact with the detector probe to test the reliability of the instrument behavior, the author thinks that inappropriate, such easy to cause the damage of gas detector probe, detector sensitivity reduction or failure.
  . Periodic check, check the gas leak detector to adopt the measuring department certification and match the standard gas to be tested. Bubbled into the instrument shows zero gas concentration for % LEL, then pass into the standards of different concentration of gas, after being stable value, adjust the instrument to the standard value. Other indicators should meet the corresponding requirements in the national metrological verification procedures. Check cycle is generally not more than a year. Should also be noted that in the process of checking for apart when debugging, must wear a portable instrument to detect the existence of flammable gas in the surrounding conditions, and the use of explosion-proof interphone guide debugging.
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