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Video | juvenile drug-related by plain-clothed police electric batons subdued kneel for mercy - I was a child Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Britain a 17-year-old boy was arrested for drug-related recently, in the process of the resistance by plainclothes police consecutive punches, the electric batons, kneel for mercy to yell & quot; I was a child & quot; , after the video exposure caused quite a stir. On April 26, according to the daily mail reported that the video taken in romford heath park road, east London, on Monday, 22) Police on duty in the afternoon on the side of the road for two doubtful African-American teenagers searched, the 17-year-old was found to hold a class B drug, and search for drug supply intention and obstruction was arrested on the spot. Passers-by, according to mobile phone video filming a male plainclothes police armed with batons, several times to have chained African teenager swipes, cause its knelt on the ground, unable to stand up. Juvenile mouth Shouting & quot; I was a child & quot; Poor sorrow, begged police punches, voice. After video posted on social media, instant fryer, accused the police laid hands on him too much, think & quot; For children to use batons approach is too much & quot; 。 Arrested the young mother through a lawyer issued a statement, said she & quot; Violent arrest & quot; Shocked, but his family has been & quot; Trauma & quot; 。 London's metropolitan police, explained this day according to the law of drug abuse to search on two African-American teens is attacked, a police officer, after being beaten injured 14-year-old juvenile while disorderly escape, after was arrested in brentwood home of the road. The two youths are investigating after release. The police received a petition signed by more than 34000 people, requirements involved police suspended. Office has confirmed that British independent police behavior has an investigation into the incident, but no suspension.
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