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Video | square hospital 'other' yuanxiao: volunteers brought hot dumplings - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Today ( On February 8,) The lunar the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival. Early in the morning, wuchang square room of hospital volunteers brought the patients had a special breakfast. In addition to containing the staple food, fruit and drinks & other; Daily menu & throughout; Today, all of the patients had to eat a bowl of hot dumplings. The Lantern Festival, many people doomed reunion with loved ones, let & other; An early end to the epidemic & throughout; Become holidays best wishes! Keywords: square hospital responsible editor: zhang xj recommended reading five ask wuhan 'square hospital' : facilities? No cross infection? Take the Renaissance arrived in wuhan! 'Square' hospital medical rescue teams to the [ Video] Wuhan construction three square hospital national emergency medical rescue team about 20 'square hospital' rescue of wuhan! What is 'square hospital'? Social phenomena horizon 'witness' full charge. 。 。 Micro record the brave. 。 。 With the global cold hot. 。 。 Super fuel anime: that's right. 。 。 Micro video 丨 thunder fire fight disease in wuhan, electric batons, stranger. 。 。 Inside and outside the Great Wall poom harmony cuo thaw lake tulip blooming yellow. 。 。 The Beijing Olympics. 。 。 Fujian lake kasumigaura: sea. 。 。 Wuhan, the Yangtze river. 。 。 'Sakura not sweep'. 。 。
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