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'Virus hunter' professor lipkin: strengthen the close cooperation with Chinese scientists - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Guangzhou February 2 (xinhua) ( Reporter Ma Xiaocheng) To help fight new coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak of the infectious disease experts, professor, Ian lipkin, 1, in an interview with reporters, said he was with Chinese scientists and public health officials to strengthen the necessary basic scientific research, in order to reduce the incidence of disease and mortality. In 2003, electric batons, the peak of the SARS outbreak in China, professor lipkin is invited to Beijing, Chinese authorities to help assess the situation and preparing for the coming afflictions. After the outbreak under control, he helped China infrastructure established a series of response to infectious diseases. 2015 putin p. a. 'international science and technology cooperation award of the People's Republic of China'. Lipkin current Columbia University school of public health professor infection and immune research center. Because he was in the world health organization and many countries to deal with New York many infectious diseases such as west Nile virus, SARS, MERS on rich experience, known as 'the world's best known virus hunter'. New coronavirus pneumonia after the outbreak of infection, lipkin always pay close attention to the disease development. On January 30, lipkin meeting with the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician zhong nanshan, in guangzhou to discuss the strategy of fighting the epidemic. Then he in sun yat-sen university share the past emerging infectious diseases in the global outbreak incidents of accumulated experience, this paper introduces the detection and rapid diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms. Compared with before the experience of many international outbreak of infectious diseases, lipkin thought, the challenge is that coincided with the Chinese lunar New Year holiday, Spring Festival bring active flows of people make the epidemic prevention and control more complicated. He said that in the Chinese government has recently taken a series of strict measures against epidemic, he can't see the better option, 'maintain social distance, wearing masks and developing rapid detection methods, is still the best way. ”
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