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VR with stun guns? VR vertigo - click bracelet ease players Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
【 Science and technology news 】 On January 16: VR with stun guns? VR click bracelet relieve vertigo. With the popularity of VR glasses, more and more friends have their own virtual reality devices, however, not all friends all suitable for the new play, electric batons, if VR world feel dizzy? Let's take a look at the new VR shock bracelet! ! ! ! Oculus Rift is a good VR products, but its joint of dizzy disease often can make people sick, electric batons monopoly network, some people reaction is lighter, others will produce severe nausea, in order to solve this problem, the Reliefband technology company launched a smart hand ring, it can be released through the bracelet shock vibration to alleviate symptoms of users move dizzy.
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