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We informed about the lunar New Year holiday delay to return to work

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Different divisions of the company colleagues, partners, to tie in with the state strengthens the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of infection, reduce staff gathered themselves together, and to prevent the spread of epidemic, ensure the safety of the enterprise staff, the company decision research, our company delay accept false return to work, accept false return to work the specific time prior notice. Each department colleagues, please consciously abide by and comply with the local epidemic prevention and control work, to win the national nature of the epidemic prevention to be completed as soon as possible to do his part! Please leave peace! Company promises: cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, extension leave to return to work, all employees salary calculation as usual! Thanks for your hard work and unremitting efforts! Please pay attention to safety, come back safely! January 28, 2020, our company's main: high-energy ignition, portable high-energy ignition, explosion-proof series of high-energy ignition flame detector, ultraviolet flame detector, ionization type flame detector automatic ignition control box, ignition monitoring control box, flame-out protection alarm control box, coke oven gas, methane gas torch ignition control ignition torch ignition control transformers series, ignition electrode, ion probe combustion control products, etc
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