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Wealthy kidnapped blackmail process must be changed the kidnappers hijacked reveal electric batons person of hometown - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
【 Wealthy kidnapped blackmail do 】 Shenzhen jewelry merchants lee ( Not his real name) Got a call from the maoming villagers jeong, the other party said to introduce a big boss to give him, let him take a piece of fine jade to maoming. 11 about 28 evening, lee by China southern airlines plane to zhanjiang. The airport exit, jeong and two men drove a white BMW commercial vehicles are waiting for him. “ Car just for more than 10 kilometers, the car stopped suddenly and come up from the side of the road and two male, with electric stick in his hand. ” Two men lee sandwiched between 后排座, hand electric batons issued from time to time & other; Clicking & throughout; Sound. Businessman kidnapped blackmail process must be changed the kidnappers hijacked reveal villagers electric batons car for half an hour, again electric batons, jeong finally showing dangerous away from his carry-on bag, then took out a pair of handcuffs, his hands cuffed, under his control in the back seat, hand electric batons of sandwiched in between two men to keep him. Car out for a long time, and stop on a road in the country, lee was called out of the car, electric batons monopoly network, saw a white Honda commercial vehicles parked beside, another five or six men came to him, one of them asked, & other; Are you lee? ” Lee said, he was wearing a black suit, and then to Honda commercial vehicles under the back seat, two men standing on his head and bottom with their feet. Lee did not dare to cry. Car for about 20 minutes again and again to stop. Lee is pulled out, brought into a wilderness of old house. “ They put me in an iron cage, covered with a blanket, put the iron cage cover, on water, and then took out a live thing, I said for electricity. ” At this time, lee was grilled the body only a pants and socks on his feet. The other party asked him not to cooperate, said lee hurriedly must cooperate. With each other to his family members said to raise 18 million yuan to redeem him. Extortion for 18 million show whereabouts & other; 0 am 12 points, suddenly a strange call, a listen to the voice of my husband, said want me to raise money, can't hear clearly; Later, another man's voice and speak to me. ” Early April 30, lee's wife received a strange phone call, she heard her husband vaguely painful voice, made her to raise 18 million yuan. Then a strange man on the phone told her, let her contact with jeong. Lee's wife to go back to dial the phone number, found each other has been in shutdown state. WeChat from her husband, find jeong phone, playing in the past, & other; He said that my husband is not bound him, he just middlemen; Let me raise the money as soon as possible & throughout; 。
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