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Weifang: train transportation started to enter the peak passenger flow - express - qilu evening news network - finance Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Qilu evening news, the lunar New Year holiday will come, accompany the Spring Festival starts, the train started to enter the peak passenger flow, but the habit of a lot of passenger car and don't understand stops driving rules, lead to the station, nervous. The weifang railway station staff said, according to the discoveries of the passenger station, starting from the weifang railway station passenger station most habits from the west it romantic, sometimes romantic west line number is one of the east it romantic times and even more, because, west romantic ticket office and self-help at closer, most passengers buy tickets after the first reached the west it romantic, will follow the passengers lined up in front of, resulting in such a situation. For this, electric batons, pay attention to the things on both sides when to remind the general passenger station it romantic, select fewer side line, reduce the waiting time. Except pit habit, banned items found in the luggage also is the main reason that hinder the trip, it is understood that the station staff can often be found in the passenger's luggage the prohibited item. Weifang railway station since its launch in 2017, the average daily seized nearly 100 batches of dangerous goods. According to the railway station by bus catalogue of prohibited and restricted articles carried by the provisions of the detonators, explosives, and fireworks, firecrackers, gasoline, kerosene and other flammable items. Besides knives, would endanger the safety of passengers personal kitchen knife, knife, slaughter knives, axes, slashing, blunt; And batons, tear, tear, defibrillator, stun guns, gun nail gun, defense, bows, crossbows, and other devices, it is prohibited to carry stops a car. Firecrackers, fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, banana oil, such as inflammable and explosive goods, kitchen knife, knife, nail gun, defense, bows, crossbows, exist significant security hidden danger, cutting tools, such as light affect the passenger's journey, will break the law, the masses of passengers do not carry a bus station. Some items can be limited quantity, such as nail polish, to light agent, hair dye is not more than 20 ml; Cold, mousse, hair gel, pesticides, air freshener flowing pressure vessel, shall not exceed 120 ml; Safety matches bandlimited 2 small box; Ordinary lighters can carry up to 2, cigarette set limit to 50. It is prohibited to carry animals into the station bus, railway departments make clear a regulation, in addition to guide dogs, animals can't take the train, need in accordance with the relevant provisions of the check. Such as to check the small animals such as dogs, cats must with the host on the same train, the train and check the pet must be equipped with baggage car, passengers should also issued by the department of health and other pet immune procedure. For a passenger with a visual impairment, disability, guide dogs can carry id card working permit, animal health immunization certificate and other relevant certificates, can guide dogs to carry into the station by bus. Weifang standing X-ray xue-jun liu introduced: & other; Often can see the passenger hide small animals in the bag, especially the holiday home, the children will & other; Look for ways to & throughout; Hide them, actually these we can see from the security checkpoint & throughout; 。 In addition, stinky tofu, durian obstruction of public health (such as Include the fetid odor) Do not take the train. Travel time step for the disabled, folding wheelchair free carry is not included in the scope. Carrying luggage size, weight also have relevant regulation. In order to ensure & other; Safe, orderly, warm Spring Festival Spring Festival transportation & throughout; Travel environment, to ensure the safety of large passenger bus passengers mustn't carry dangerous goods into the station, please get on the bus, and check the safety of the station to understand and cooperate with, safe trip, and come back home safe.
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