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Weight loss products manufacturers to produce insider: points take turns to add the drug product batch - - financial channel, sankei shimbun Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Right now, 'lose weight' has become the pet phrase of many women. So, from the weight loss capsules to candy, tea reducing weight, and then to cupping therapy, acupuncture, embedded wire method reducing weight, flooding the market, such as all kinds of slimming products, not only attractive eye more attractive. However, whether these slimming products, effective and safe? What are the issue manufacturer? Many problems, the consumer is not clear. Sugar, tea can reduce weight? This incredible things in weight loss products seller mouth are extremely common. Some weight loss products marketers to beautiful people to make these commitments. However, the legal daily reporter survey found that the 'look good' market reducing weight, but in fact, a mess in an unguarded moment, consumers will fall into the trap 'health'. '3 without' weight loss products side effect through friends introduction, the legal daily reporter reached 1, nicknamed 'big officer person' capsule reducing weight of sales staff, she is a sales, called 'one lane' the second generation of new weight loss capsules. According to 'the big officer person', the product is capsule form, a month can thin ten catties. Reporter asked what is the principle of weight loss, 'big officer person said' I don't know, 'this is a manufacturer of things'. She is in the circle of friends shows their products and earn more than 30 ten thousand yuan screenshots recently. By browsing this salesperson circle of friends, the reporter noted that the basis of the weight loss capsules to logoff packaging form has two kinds, one is already good bottle packing; One is to a large number of capsule with a large plastic bags sent to the agent, then the agent partial shipments into small bottles to sell yourself. On the product packaging, nothing table already, more without the production license, the production site and production date. Don't see any information on this from the outer packing weight loss capsules, really someone dared to eat? Reporter found in the survey, 'superstitious' of this kind of weight loss products is not a few. Currently in Washington to study a master's degree in Marine through WeChat told of her experience to the reporter: 'I have a classmate in selling so-called British sole diet pills, she lost much of every day in the circle of friends to send drawings, looking at let a person very move, I also want to try. So I through wechat business bought a bottle of exclusive Chinese medicine capsule reducing weight, spent 698 yuan. This bottle of weight loss capsule packing pallet, really can be said to be '3 without' product. Just received this bottle weight loss capsules, I also dare not to eat, but want to spend so much money to lose, and simply crustily skin of head to eat. A course of 28 days, one day, but I dare not eat eat 4 days, because it is terrible. The weight loss capsules in the first two days, I feel confused, heart beat faster, extreme thirst, and then suffer from insomnia, have no appetite at all. Really, I don't feel hungry, eat a day but spirit particularly good, can not sleep all night. I think, this kind of circumstance no matter who appears in the body will be thin. Ate four days, I really lost 7 kg, but simply do not eat any food with excessive consumption of energy. After a week, I still have no appetite, it took more than a week to slowly recovering, weight also rebounded. '' don't believe those so-called capsule reducing weight, especially' 3 without 'product, I sell the so-called British sole medicine reducing weight, so-called district secondary agent, she has been eating the pills, I do not know to have side effects, but she said taking diet pills addictive, because a stopped will rebound. 'Ma Lin said,' my classmate when secondary agent, selling 1 bottle of medicine can earn 100 RMB yuan, she with first class agent, general agent, visible how high the weight loss products profit, also can see the raw material is low. 'For such' 3 without 'capsule reducing weight, it's li ke to attend a university in Beijing. 'I originally is also a very believe a man of quick weight loss products, no matter how many people told me that weight loss products have side effects, I won't believe. But, I wanted to use experience tell you now, don't be taken in a small business. 'Li said. ' in May 2016, I looked through a comparison of wechat business bought a weight loss capsules, ate about ten days, the feeling of that time is insomnia, giddy, don't feel like eating anything. I can endure for a night of sleep, but later, I began to piece of neck rash, and more and more pain. Go to a hospital checking, doctors say it's because hormonal disorders, endocrine disorders, resistance to drop, so a few blain blain infection has become a slice. Because they are eating the capsule reducing weight before that happens, I'll find sellers theory, she should let me sick then eat, electric batons, if these symptoms, she could double refund. '1, a total of 4 pages
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