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Wenzhou a lighter event party was controlled by the police

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

xinhuanet wenzhou month ( Reporter zhang heping square column) The reporter learns from zhejiang wenzhou lucheng, date night, wenzhou district preschool lighters events from zhongshan dozens of meters, no casualties, who was taken away by the police control on the spot.
according to the police, the explosion source is a disposable lighters and firecrackers. The parties on the ground light a string of firecrackers ( Row a gun) Lighters, after throwing in scratching off firecrackers, then exploded. The scene a loud explosion, smoke a lot. Incident, namely in, minutes of patrol near the scene, there are a lot of people on the spot, seized the other a pack of small suspected explosives.
is the case in the further investigation.
the author: zhang heping square columns
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