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Wenzhou lighter before February exports decline

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

bleach ( Through the correspondent lily zhang) while the reporter zou The reporter learns from wenzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau recently, - this year Exports in wenzhou lighter batch, quantity. The amount of ten thousand. Thousands of dollars, which fell year-on-year. %、. %、. %。 Decline in exports mainly comes from the Japanese market instability.
, according to data from wenzhou lighter batch, export Japan. Ten thousand and only. Dollars, year-on-year decline in wenzhou lighters, respectively. %、. %、. %, become the main factor of wenzhou lighter decline in exports. Inspection and quarantine staff analysis, at present there are companies in wenzhou by PSC certification in Japan, the Japanese market was wenzhou lighter exports, the main distribution center under the influence of international relations and the change of the promotion products, wenzhou lighter gradually left out. Second, the eu market outlook is still not optimistic, the notion of consumers from 'luxury, luxury' to 'practical, cheap and fine'. Labor costs increase, comes at a time when the holiday is one of the factors of lighters exports.
so, inspection and quarantine departments to remind each related enterprise pay attention to exploit market through various channels, strengthening industry self-discipline, product quality, timely grasp the international tendency, avoid unnecessary loss.
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