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Wenzhou lighter exports last year zero reporting export value of $7. 73861 billion

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

wenzhou net news reporter learned yesterday from the inspection and quarantine department, export of wenzhou lighter batch, quantity last year. Ten thousand, value. Dollars, zero for the whole year.
'although exports than down as the year before, but we are very pay attention to product quality and innovation, many enterprises have built their product test center, the good quality. 'Wenzhou lighter industry association Huang Fajing said.
the lighter mainly exported to Europe, Japan, the United States, Russia and other places, due to the weak global economy, consumption gradually towards low-end knock-on effect to the cigarette lighters, make wenzhou main high-grade metal lighters by disposable lighters. Huang Fajing introduction, at one time in wenzhou has several lighters lighters enterprises in wenzhou, and last year the figure dropped to come home, which is in the normal production of enterprises above designated size, only cuts.
number less, still want to do good. Zhuhai lighters industry together with inspection and quarantine departments, according to the characteristics of the lighter industry personnel fluidity big, organized a series of training activities, training including inspection acceptance, documents processing, technical regulations and standards and the matters needing attention, avoid to effectively control risk in the project, according to statistics, last year - Unqualified batch only, and - Month, not qualified rate decreases. %, effective control of product quality.
to training activities as an opportunity, the city inspector to the enterprise license management implementation, the inspection certificate issued by qualified personnel mount guard, into the enterprise quality management system requirements. On export goods packaging is no longer under the background of implementing quality license system, strengthening enterprise self-discipline consciousness, the key for the enterprise quality management is weak lot inspection, to ensure the quality of export in wenzhou lighter products continue to ascend.
in addition, in view of the wenzhou region export cigarette lighter type many, the characteristics of the varieties of mixed, zhuhai products not according to the type test in the implementation of differential detection; And used the strict control, to strengthen the packaging specification inspection data and procedures, to ensure that high-risk projects under control.
wenzhou lighter was once one of the most affected industries in international trade barriers, trade barriers, such as the United States, the European Union, CR bill according to the industry, my wife, 'every time a process with a layer of skin that are the envy of the industry. '
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