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Wenzhou lighter industry recession 'king' of these fake ZiPPO

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

store is controlled yuan sale 'ZiPPO lighters, looks exquisite packaging, excellent work.
may be a lot of people didn't expect, however, the price seems very high 'ZiPPO lighters, many of them are fake.
a: the police discovered that these false 'ZiPPO' sources, some from wenzhou ouhai.
what is more surprising, the perpetrator, or lighter industry in wenzhou are well-known Cui Mou 'king'.
yesterday, Cui Mou on suspicion of counterfeit registered trademark, the approval by the procuratorial organs.
said his peers in the years of struggle to master good workmanship lighters 'king'
month this year, wenzhou ouhai district economic investigation brigade investigation found that through the network on the website of some businesses, such as alibaba and taobao suspected of selling fake 'ZiPPO lighters, prices ranging from to diversity.
take a firm on taobao, the online reputation to achieve the double crown, the rate also achieve % above, but the police found that the store sales of several 'ZiPPO lighters, quality goods price RMB or at least one originally, but here is' special banner, to as long as the yuan. Don't
it's business at a loss sale?
the police checked more than two months, finally found a lot of online stores selling fake 'ZiPPO lighters, supply of goods from a smoking set factory, ouhai, wenzhou.
and the smoking set factory boss, is to let a lot of, he is the lighter industry in wenzhou Cui Mou is known as the 'king'.
Cui Mou, male, age this year. S of the last century, was only s Cui Mou, began to work in wenzhou, after several lighter factory done apprentice.
Cui Mou a man wise, hand, quickly mastered the whole set of craft making cigarette lighters.
he does best is lighter assembly, from his hands out a product, the quality is very good.
gradually, he also had a reputation in the industry, some colleagues just called him a cigarette lighter 'king'.
although craft is good, but Cui Mou has been working for others, after all didn't earn much money.
many years old then, Cui Mou feel conditions mature, decided to do a smoking set factory.
lighters industry recession risks producing fake 'ZiPPO'
at first, the business is good smoking set factory, Cui Mou annual income have several hundred thousand. This also let him marry parturient, buying a car to buy a house.
however, in recent years, with the lighter industry as a whole is more and more bad, Cui Mou also sent a lot of business.
Cui Mou smoking set factory, a lot of time can only rely on mileage, 'lighters, producing a less known and inferior brand wholesale price yuan a man didn't want to, doesn't make much money. '
police introduction, last month, made a' big decision 'Cui Mou' transformation 'produce fake' ZiPPO lighters.
Cui Mou from online to find the sample, then let his wife wang mou is responsible for purchasing parts production, is responsible for the printing 'ZiPPO' trademarks and process lines.
the fuselage after assembled, wang mou and find a printing shop owner weekend, complete shell laser color.
on Wednesday morning, ouhai, police several officers were raided Cui Mou is located in ouhai district in two of the field street counterfeiting factories, captured Cui Mou, wang mou, and the weekend, the scene seized a large number of fake 'ZiPPO' brand lighter finished products and semi-finished products, and a batch of production equipment, the total value involved more than ten thousand yuan ( Lighters are calculated according to the price of the real thing) 。
the police introduction, Cui Mou production of counterfeit 'ZiPPO lighters, through channels such as alibaba and taobao, sold to jiangsu, and shandong, Shanghai, zhejiang and anhui and other places.
false 'ZiPPO' Cui Mou production, cost price yuan or so commonly, general multivariate, wholesale price and in stores, by 'packaging' into an authentic sale, price is generally referred to multivariate.
from the current situation look, by the crime, only a year, Cui Mou allegedly sold LiangSanWanZhi such lighters.
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