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Wenzhou ouhai heavy police crack producing counterfeit cigarette lighter registered trademark case

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

legal network reporter dung-sheng Chen legal network correspondent hu lai an iceberg northeast
online store is controlled yuan sale 'ZiPPO lighters, exquisite packaging, excellent work. Can let a startling is that these price seems very high 'ZiPPO lighters are fake. In this year, the police investigation, via the network, ouhai, wenzhou, lock source of fake makers for the industry well-known lighters Cui Mou 'king'. Month day, ouhai police several officers were, every knock Cui Mou people such as counterfeiting ring, demolition, investigation value ten thousand yuan. June 21, Cui Mou by procuratorial organ for approval.
in this year, wenzhou ouhai district economic investigation brigade, through the network investigation found that alibaba and taobao many businesses by selling fake 'zippo lighters, price from one hundred yuan to hundred yuan. After more than a month to verify landing, the police verify have a large number of counterfeit cigarette lighter from wenzhou smoking set factory boss Cui Mou. By further investigation, the police have Cui Mou counterfeiting ring and information, etc.
on Wednesday morning, ouhai, police economic investigation, a number of officers were raided Cui Mou is located in ouhai district in the field of street counterfeiting factories, captured Cui Mou, wang mou, and some of the criminal suspect, the scene seized a large number of fake 'ZiPPO' brand cigarette lighters and semi-finished goods and counterfeiting equipment, total value involved more than ten thousand yuan, According to the price of the real thing) 。
the, Cui Mou waiting narrates the one-stop production of fake 'ZiPPO' brand lighter criminal facts. Originally, anhui membership man Cui Mou years old this year, in the last century s came to work in wenzhou, worked in several lighter factory apprentice. With ingenuity, Cui Mou craft making lighter is getting better and better, was the industry known as the cigarette lighter 'king'. Over the years, not only in wenzhou Cui Mou marry have children, you buy a car to buy a house, also started smoking set factory, specialized in producing lighters, earning hundreds of thousands of, life thriving. In recent years,
but, lighter business has become more and more difficult. And he made the less known and inferior brand of cigarette lighter quality is good, but the lack of brand effect, often can't find the wholesaler. In order to change plight, Cui Mou decided to take risks, stick a card production counterfeit 'ZiPPO lighters. Cui Mou to have samples from the Internet, let his wife wang mou purchasing parts production, and be responsible for the printing 'ZiPPO' trademarks and process lines. Vehicle assembly, wang mou to printing shop owner also miss zhou, finally complete the laser color shell.
the police check, last month, Cui Mou without brand licensing, secretly in ouhai district road tian street two underground plants produce fake 'ZiPPO lighters, and through alibaba, taobao sold to jiangsu, shandong, Shanghai, zhejiang, anhui and other places. These lighters wholesale price only a decade or two yuan, has finally been packaged into 'authentic', prices of times grafted into the hands of the consumers. Only a year, Cui Mou tens of thousands of only selling lighter, involving a value of more than.
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