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Wenzhou real estate as the richest woman finance story: 18 suites netted $3. 2 million

by:Tianwang     2020-09-03

morning news reported, active in the shenzhen property market of wenzhou real-estate, see is difficult to touch, just as the legendary 'low key', 'frowsty become rich'. The tortuous, in a budget hotel restaurant in longgang, the reporter finally met from wenzhou cangnan Fried tenant Mary ( Not his real name) 。 More than a month to shenzhen, Mary in a building dish the gloves, investment of about ten thousand yuan.
to sell the table to make the first bucket of gold
small roll of hair, a li ning [ 。 %) Sportswear, Mary seem to be very common, at the age of just two huge diamond ring on her left hand slightly reveals its rich conditions.
years ago, Mary wholesale electronic watch before also involved in property speculation in a market stall. 'When I was a child wearing a digital watch, you probably there wholesale from me. 'Mary character cheerful, and laugh.
Mary and her husband come from the countryside, the husband is the prestigious watch player in the countryside. JingShangChao in years, the couple bought to hangzhou sijiqing clothing market of a stall, selling up fashion watches. The first travel day and night, the couple made life to ten thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan. Net ten thousand yuan

suite before, during and after the mainland property market start about in years Mary be among the first to eat crab.
when hangzhou property market has just arisen, Mary bought set of relief. The average price per square metre yuan, every square metre about, Mary gave ten thousand yuan to pay the bank mortgage. And don't have much savings, Mary simple after decorating the house rent, removing the mortgage, and the balance yuan a month.
years, Mary finally won the lucrative returns in a big way. When housing prices doubled, Mary will house all, netted $ten thousand. 'Real estate profits is much higher than selling. 'Understand the most simple truth, she stepped into the real estate market. About several countrymen, real-estate begun to take shape, the collective into a number of shops in downtown area. After half a year and get a sound one, Mary made with a bowl full of Portland.
the peak period, Mary's bag is key to the door. Property speculation is not the only way of business Ma Lijia, her husband has been run factory in wenzhou, which made lighters, shoes, and the young in the home in Italy is engaged in the trade, the products from wenzhou exported to overseas.
comeback or speculative
market ups and downs, investment not miss Mary. Last year, Mary when property prices high plate under a cinema shops along the street, the last low price sell. 'What is not important, the key to see how much profit. 'Mary said,' than the stock market, investing in real estate, mineral stability.
silence in recent years, Mary choose back in shenzhen. According to 'take the lead in big sister, oil, gold ( ,%) Prices have risen, prices will certainly rise, and shenzhen house prices fell the most severe, the potential for recovery.
Mary's younger brother, from the news, the dollar, the possibility of inflation. 'Instead, Money) Wu wear value, less investment. 'These judgments more strengthened the faith, Mary came out and the information has long been widely circulated in wenzhou.
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