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What are negative ion? Let's take you to understand the role of negative ion generator

What are negative ion? Let's take you to understand the role of negative ion generator


1. Brief introduction of negative ion generator

The negative ion generator is a device that generates negative air ions. The device processes the input DC or AC power through the EMI processing circuit and the lightning protection circuit, and passes the pulse circuit to limit the overvoltage and limit the current. Then, after rectifying and filtering through special grade electronic materials, a pure DC negative high voltage is obtained. The DC negative high voltage is connected to a release tip made of metal or carbon element, and the high voltage corona is generated by the tip DC high voltage, and a large number of electrons (e- ), And electrons cannot exist in the air for a long time (the life of the existing electrons is only ns level), and will be immediately captured by oxygen molecules (O2) in the air, thereby generating air negative ions.

Second, the role of negative ion generator

1. Fresh air, smoke and dust removal: The negatively charged negative ions and the positively charged smoke and dust floating in the air neutralize the electrodes to allow them to deposit naturally.

2. The negative air ions produced can improve the functional state of the cerebral cortex, such as invigorating the patient, improving mental activity, improving working ability, and improving sleep; it can strengthen the hair's moisture retention, and the hair surface is generally scattered fish scales , Negative ions can make the hair scales on the surface of the hair to recover and make the hair look more shiny, while neutralizing the static electricity existing between the hair to prevent the hair from splitting.

3. Manufacture of active oxygen: negative ions can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, making them more active and easily absorbed by the human body, effectively preventing "air conditioning disease".

4. Improve lung function: After the human body inhales oxygen-carrying negative ions, the lungs can absorb oxygen by 20%, while excluding 15% of carbon dioxide.

5. Promote metabolism: activate various enzymes in the body to promote metabolism.

6. Protective effect: neutralize the high-voltage static electricity of TVs and computers, forming a negative ion protective layer in front of it to effectively reduce the damage of high-voltage static electricity generated by TVs and computers to the eyes, effectively prevent myopia, and reduce the damage of dust to TVs and computers 

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