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What are the advantages of electric batons suitable for what kind of people? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Self-defense electric batons are many self-defense equipment in practical self-defense equipment, its relative to other self-defense with what advantage? Working principle of electric batons is the use of high voltage generator to produce high voltage electric shock, make the person produces strong sense of shock, instant pain numb limbs weakness, whole body paralysis, loss of ability to attack. To introduce below small make up to you. Electric batons, its use range is very wide, and using the method is very simple, is particularly suited to some female friends use or night shift or taxi drivers are often used, and the quality of this product is small, do manual work is novel and chic, will not take up to a lot of places, carry very convenient, small pockets of directly hold a little bit a little bit of big can put inside carry-on bags. It is one of more reliable self-defense tool. Electric batons traditional patterns of the past is improved, the product has better protective effect, its defense functions are also constantly upgrading, become an indispensable part of people's life, recognized by many customers. Its design level is also different, adopted high quality environmental protection form the surface of the material, there is no influence to the body, but also on the functional link can show initiative, safeguard the client's body and property safety. What kind of people use electric batons suit? In the use of electric batons against others, pay attention to the target and attack time, not more than 50 seconds. More than 5 seconds will be big, to the person's harm fault damage, so attention should be paid to it. As well as the object of the attack, it is strictly prohibited to shock, heart disease patients, to old person, child of this kind of person to bear ability is low, especially the heart is not healthy, is not sound. Current of electric batons, although low, for this kind of people can also cause great damage and so on to ban the use of such low capacity crowd. Self-defense electric batons and use must pay attention to the use of objects, not to cause unnecessary damage. Electric batons, generally suitable for field work often, often the night shift female friends use up and down. At the same time is also suitable for factory security, guard, etc. Children, minors is certainly not recommended.
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